Amsterdam in 5 minutes!


It’s me, ya girl who knows JUST enough about WordPress to POST EVERY 4 MONTHS!

Are you DYING for more thumb-obscured pictures providing evidence that I was on a different continent? Well LOOK NO FURTHER! I’m here with another travel post!

but OH HO HO, I have fooled you– this post is not about VISITING for only 5 MINUTES. I just needed a click-bait-ier way to say “this is a post about travel tips for Amsterdam that will take you 5 minutes to read

SO VOILÀ. Read on for a mini-blog on visiting Amsterdam!

Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands:
a mini-guide

Last August, I bopped my way over to the Netherlands to see an old friend after visiting Prague for a research conference.

I split my time between Amsterdam (2 days) and a town just outside called Utrecht (1 day) where my friends lived.

The Netherlands is, like, really cool. In so many ways. Also temperature-wise (even in August).

And the people. THE PEOPLE. I think I am about 1/100,000th as cool as any given person in the Netherlands. #butImQUIRKYandAWKWARD-CUTE #RIGHT???

….and I’m also 1/infinity as able to ride a bike (why yes, I AM THE ONE PERSON ON EARTH WHO FORGOT HOW TO RIDE A DAMN BIKE. but I LIVED suckaaaas!!! #survivor).

Here goes!

Amsterdam on a map


Amsterdam in 3 words

Museums, boats (on canals), and BIKES

(…there are a f*ckton of bikes. Christ.).

Do this!

  • Book a visit to the Van Gogh Museum (& pay for the self-guided audio tour!)
  • Have a coffee and admire the view from Blue Amsterdam café (Dutch Wannabe has a great post on how to find it)
  • Stroll through the hidden Begijnhof Garden
  • Visit a canal house museum (I went to the Museum Von Loon)
  • Take a day trip to beautiful Utrecht to escape the crowds

Don’t do this!

  • Attempt to book a same-day Anne Frank House visit (they’re booked weeks in advance)
  • Use any storage locker but the ones inside Amsterdam Centraal (safe and SO MUCH CHEAPER).
  • Wear bright colors (you WILL stand out) and/or expect it to be warm at any time of year in The Netherlands (oopz!!)
(also peep the Canadian representation in the bg!! total coincidence!)

Best part!

Getting lost among the canals, alleyways, and cobblestone streets.

Worst part!

Outside of Amsterdam, you are a FREAK if you are not using a bike to get from A–>B. Seriously. I was the ONLY PERSON walking ANYWHERE in Utrecht, and it was obvious I was a WEIRDO AMERICAN.

Put this in your mouth!

Stroopwafels, pannenkoeken (dutch pancakes), and bitterballen.


…or shall I say, in Dutch, sprickenfloosen!! (just kidding I made that up)

farewell beer in Utrecht with great friends!

DEAREST READER, have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, what would you add to make this a SIX minute travel post?! Let me know in the comments (or ~*txt it*~)!

Yours still scarred from riding a bike though the streets after 3 glasses of wine,


P.S. – Here’s the GoPro video I made from my EuroTrip 2k18!!